Updating Your Kitchen on a Budget

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Updating your kitchen when your budget is next to nothing is no small feat, but with these savvy tips you’re on your way to that dream kitchen!

Tip #1: Shop yard sales and discount shopping spots

Artists drawing portraits will tell you one tip: it’s the smallest, unique details of a person’s face that will make or break the portrait. The same rule applies to redoing your kitchen (or any room!). Browse stores like Marshall’s HomeGoods for distinctive items that fit your personality. Are you crazy about the ocean? Buy that clock that’s in the shape of crab! Fancy the forest? Don’t pass by those flour and sugar cannisters painted like woodland creatures! And if these examples make us sound a little off-the-wall, we only bring them up for this one purpose: don’t think for one minute that your limited budget will make it impossible to give your kitchen an upgrade. It really is the little things that make our homes special!

Tip #2: Choose one area to focus on first.

We totally understand that you want to redo your entire kitchen. But sometimes our budget just doesn’t allow it. When this happens, think carefully about the areas of your kitchen that really need the most work. Are your cabinets hopelessly outdated? Can’t stand the color of your walls? Does your floor need a major re-grouting? Choose one area to “make over” and you’ll find that your kitchen might look completely different – despite that pesky budget!


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