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It Starts With a Vision: The Roof & Casa Story

Welcome to Roof & Casa Home and Decor!  For us, it's all about family. Working side-by-side all our lives, my brother and I decided to combine our love of all things "house" into a little side-gig helping our neighbors. Whether it was something relatively minor like fixing that torn screen or something a bit more ambitious like fixing the leg on a neighbor's outdoor chair, as our skills in fixing things got better, our love for improving houses grew as well. Fast forward 20+ years and we started our own home improvement business.  That's how the Roof and Casa story came to life.  
Whether it's a house, an apartment or just that one room you want to see improved, we're your guys. We work with you on any budget you have in mind. And we focus on any area of the house you wish. Kitchens, bathrooms, attics - even that pesky hole in the wall that your rambunctious toddler made while kicking the soccer ball in the living room!
Because a house isn't just a house - it's a home. And my brother and I would love to help you make it that way. 
Let us help make your "dream home come true" - contact us today!

What Our Customers Say

Still Can’t Believe It!

Every time my wife walks into our kitchen, she shakes her head in disbelief! I decided to surprise her with the renovation she has always talked about since moving in to the “fixer-upper” dream-home we purchased together shortly after our marriage. Well, while many happy years of marriage passed by, the sad state of our kitchen did too! That is, until I discovered Roof & Casa when surfing the web a few months ago. After looking at all the gorgeous remodeling and “fixer-upper” jobs Bill and Jed did, I decided to surprise my wife with the kitchen of her dreams. Beyond happy that I found Roof & Casa!

Kyle Williams

Home Owner

Beautiful Job!

We were on a limited budget, yet very much wanted to remodel the downstairs bathroom in our basement. Roof & Casa did an amazing job! Bill and Jed gave us numerous options to choose from – beautiful and budget-friendly! Can NOT recommend them high enough – thank you Roof & Casa!

Gwen and Joe McAllister

Home Owners