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What Our Customers Say

Still Can’t Believe It!

Every time my wife walks into our kitchen, she shakes her head in disbelief! I decided to surprise her with the renovation she has always talked about since moving in to the “fixer-upper” dream-home we purchased together shortly after our marriage. Well, while many happy years of marriage passed by, the sad state of our kitchen did too! That is, until I discovered Roof & Casa when surfing the web a few months ago. After looking at all the gorgeous remodeling and “fixer-upper” jobs Bill and Jed did, I decided to surprise my wife with the kitchen of her dreams. Beyond happy that I found Roof & Casa!

Kyle Williams

Home Owner

Beautiful Job!

We were on a limited budget, yet very much wanted to remodel the downstairs bathroom in our basement. Roof & Casa did an amazing job! Bill and Jed gave us numerous options to choose from – beautiful and budget-friendly! Can NOT recommend them high enough – thank you Roof & Casa!

Gwen and Joe McAllister

Home Owners